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So, I’ve been meaning to do some kind of brief write-up about the ‘zine project.  This is that small lump of text.  I think giggle-factory had the idea first, but basically we wanted to make a twitter-zine.  an artifact.  a publication.  a successor-cum-predecessor to the micro-blog.

I’m trying to make Something that will serve as a slightly longer form representation of the eclectic gross-out dick-obsessed misandrist pokemon clusterfuck that is my twitter timelime.

The best part is this:  if you submit something for the ‘zine, I will mail you a free copy of the zine!  You can keep a weird gross handmade magazine on the back of your toilet for years to come!  and you will have been published by a 35 year old man who pretends to be Skeletor on the internet!

so here is where I ask you, the noble tweeter, to contribute art, poetry, prose, essays, comics, etc etc etc to my brand spanking new gmail address:  CUMSKULL @ GMAIL.COM  by 20 May, 2013

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